Thursday, September 10, 2009

Li Zhuang Ping painted her Daughter in the Nude 李壮平:东方神女山鬼系列


Oil Painting Series 李壮平:东方神女山鬼系列 Goddess of the Oriental East

In this case, while the great oil painter Li ZhuangPing painted her daughter, Li Qin, in the nude to the despise of the people of China and the authority, one need to look at the actual goods delivered, to decide if this is not another melanine-tainted story.

First, the daughter obviously does not have such big breasts as shown in the paintings, neither does she possesses that physical built. Only the face looked very much like hers. But certainly, this is a great way to sell her daughter to a billionaire. LOL.

Secondly, the tiger, leopard and lion are not in captivity in Li's home, or else he or Li Qin would be mauled to death by now. Like these animals, he could have painted them and her daughter from pictorial references, being an expert that he is, this can be easily done. He just needed to take some photos of her daughter in various moods and facial expressions to achieve that, the rest is up to his imagination and inkling.

In short, there is no need for Li Qin to strip naked, stand or sit still in the jungle, with those creatures beside her, for hours. In fact, the body of Li Qin in the painting reminded me of that of top Japanese gravure model, Mikie Hara.

Source: A 61 year old artist by the name of Mr. Li Zhuang Ping in China and his 23 year old daughter Ms. Li Qin are making news over nude art work. Mr. Ping asked his lovely young daughter to pose nude for a series of his goddess-themed paintings. And as you can see from the art work below, she said yes. So, as you look at Li Qin's ample breast, know you are looking at her full tits through her father's eye. Note the detailed of the nipples, No Way This is Sick and Totally Disgusting!

The father and daughter duo from the Szechuan area have stunned the Chinese art community with their realistic oil paintings. Mr. Li Zhuang Ping said to reporters: " form and her natural beauty are what I had in mind for the image of a goddess." "It was only after getting her approval that I allowed her to be my model." "I set up a personal blog last year and posted my daughter's and my artworks online. Not one comment posted was of an obscene or sexual nature." He added: "I created the 'Oriental goddess' series with her. She is both the model in the painting and the artist who creates (the artwork) with me."

"And yes, my wife approved," said Mr Li. His daughter said she began modeling for him five or six years ago, and also worked with him to create the 'Oriental Goddess' series of oil paintings on canvas. She said, "he found that I possessed the classical beauty of an Oriental female."

And with statements like that, of course accusations of incest was not far behind. Some people in China say while there might be no physical relationship between father and daughter, the oil paintings are a kind of spiritual incest. I am not sure about all that, but I am pretty freaked out about how nice this old dude painted his daughter's breast. I am betting he was generous to her... like any proud father would.